«Ideal for New Year's party! Share with French 【Banquet plan】 6000 yen»

6000 yen

It is a party menu that you can share with a large number of people based on French, with a free flow of wine, it is very profitable content.


※ Cooking example

■ cold

La France and Brias Savarin, Iberico Chorizo

Potato Salad of Kitaakari

■ Heated cold plates

Cheese omelette cattle beef meat rague sauce

■ Main plate

Grilled olive pork bone loin

■ Pasta Plate

Cherry shrimp, tomato and broccoli Fujiri

Cooking content will be changed by the day.

※ red, white oolong tea free flow

If you are using more than 10 people, please reserve by phone.

We also accept rental for more than 14 people.

Please contact the store for more information.